Hi, How Are You?

My name is Nick Towne. I have been creating art for myself for some 40 years, and started my professional artistic path 15 years ago. I have painted commissioned portraits in oils, have worked solo and with a crew doing professional murals and have had some digital artwork projects as well (ranging from architectural mock-ups to webpage illustrations and design). My business approach rests solidly within my approach to my relationships in my life. I choose honesty over pretense and I strive to work hard and smart. 

My mission is to offer high end artwork for commission, focusing on portraiture and residential murals. The rates I am applying are very competitive- I choose to be prolific and reasonably priced. My work is available for all who wish to do business with me in Napa, Vallejo, Sonoma, Yountville, Rutherford, Calistoga, Santa Rosa and Petaluma. If you wish to contact me through the forms in the Contact menu, I will respond within 24 hours. 

I can provide free design time toward any project for up to two hours, if a pre-existing image isn't being used. Once some concept images have been decided upon by the client, if the decision-making process can be helped by a Photoshopped mockup of what the image will look like on the wall, I can create an "After" image to show how the final results might look. Mock-ups like this become something like the visual contract for the client to approve and for me to use as my guide as I paint. 

For most projects I will ask for a $100 deposit once a contract is signed. As of November 2017, this is a brand new venture for me and it will be found only that my prices reflect the newness of my business. I have had professional experience starting from 2003 and as recently as a week ago. It is my hope that I get to connect with future clients and get to know my fellow art lovers as we collaborate on long-lasting art pieces together. You bring your Big Idea, and I get to do the work!